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We are shocked and extremely sad to learn that 109 of our citizens, the Uyghur Muslims of occupied East Turkistan who had escaped from the Chinese persecution, have been sent back to China against their will by the Thailand authorities today. We condemn this inhumane act which was shamelessly committed by the government of Thailand ignoring the international rule and law regarding the protection of political dissidents from persecution.

Totally unaware of the fact that what the United Nations stand for, some people ask -- "Why the United Nation Did Not Do Anything To Stop This Heinous Inhuman Act?" Unfortunately contradictory to the exact meaning of this great organization UN, it does not work for the benefit of the stateless oppressed people including the Uyghur people of East Turkistan but for the benefit or national interest of the existing independent nations, particularly for the interest of the super powers such as China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom and France no matter who they are -- fascists or communist or something else.

UNHCR (The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees -- The UN Refugee Agencies in South East Asia or elsewhere have been turning blind eyes to the Uyghur refugees around the world for more than a decade now. It did not do anything and failed to protect the Uyghur refugees who escaped China in the aftermath of the July 5th Urumchi Riots in 2009 from Cambodia's forceful repatriation of more than forty Uyghur political dissidents who had already submitted their application for asylum to the UNHCR office in the country.

They did exactly the same thing again by turning back or ignoring the seriousness of the situation what about ten thousands uyghur refugees in South East Asia have been going through for more than a decade now. I personally try to help some Uyghur refugees by contacting the so called UNHCR office in various countries including  Malaysia and Thailand bur to my disappointment there was no positive response at all. However, in both case after China brought them back from Cambodia and Thailand, the organization joined the international community to criticize Cambodia, Thailand and China. What a shame! 

Actually, the issue of helping the oppressed Uyghur Muslim of East Turkistan should not be a ethnic or racial or even religious issue but a moral or humanitarian issue. Unfortunately, nobody cares about us. Even our brothers in Turkic world including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakistan, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan who are racially belong to the same ethnic group as we belong -- the Turkic people do not care about us. In realty in many occasion most of those so called Turkic countries not only they do not care about us but to our disappointment they shamelessly joined with our enemy -- the Communist China in terms of oppressing their own brothers and sister under the banner of so called Shanghai Pact or Shanghai Five which also includes Russia.

The government of Pakistan, considered to be our other neighbor to the south west who share the same religion (Islam), is nobody but the hunting dog of Communist China. It is worst than Cambodia or Thailand in terms of selling the oppressed people of East Turkistan for their national interest. Do you know how many political dissidents or freedom fighters who escaped from the Chinese persecution have been forcibly sent back to China by Pakistan in the past several decades? At least one thousand so far. Our other Muslim brothers who just live in the other site of the Pamir Mountains -- Afghanistan has just started following the path of his elder brothers in Pakistan in terms of helping the Communist Chinese persecution in East Turkistan by sending the Uyghur Muslim refugees back to China against their will. 

This is how much the Turkic Republics in Central Asia and our Muslim neighbors care about us. What do we expect from other more than fifty Turkic or non Turkic Muslim countries which are thousands of kilometers far away from us? In short, every body even Turkey who is considered by many, specially by the people of East Turkistan who is yearning for freedom as the protector and liberator of the Islamic world never hesitate to sacrifies us for the so called friendship between Turkey and China. For this reason, until today the Turkish authorities who prefer Communist China for its brothers and sister in our homeland can not dare to use the real historical name of the mother land not only for us but also for the 80 million Turks in Turkey as "East Turkistan" or "Dogu Turkistan" in Turkish.

Instead they cowardly use the name "Xinjiang or Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region" which means the "New Dominion" in Chinese as a symbolic gesture in recognition of the national integrity of their friend China. This is totally unacceptable for the 35 million brave East Turkistanis who have been fighting for years to end the Chinese occupation of our homeland. This is an insult not only for us, but also for those high ranked government officials of Turkey. This is how much the Republic of Turkey -- so called leader of the Muslim ummah or the liberator and protector of the entire oppressed nation in the world does for us. Then what do we expect from Saudi Arabia or other non-Muslim world who has nothing to share with us except humanity (if they are real human beings who stand for justice)?

Moreover, to our disappointment, last week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (the head of those Turkish government official mentioned above), even tried to defend the Chinese persecution on the Uyghur Turks in East Turkistan in his worldwide televised statement by denying the  Chinese mistreatment of his brothers and sister in the so called "Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region." However, we acknowledge that Turkey is still the best among the others mentioned above in terms of trying to help us in the past several years. But it is very little and ineffective in terms of what can be done and what Turkey is capable to do or what it supposed to do for the plight of the occupied East Turkistan. The Uyghur refugees who were sent back to China against their will two days ago can be prevented and brought back to Turkey, the land they have been dreaming of to go, instead of China, the land which was turned into a dungeon for them if Ankara took this issue seriously.

Further more, as an Uyghur American freedom fighter, I'm not allowed to enter Turkey because of activism as the leader of the Uyghur independent movement for about twenty years. I was deported back to the United States from the border of Turkey (Yesil Koy Ata Turk Airport) in July, 2005 after thirteen hours of apprehension at the airport because of my effort and leadership in forming a government of exile (East Turkistan Government-In-Exile) in Washington for the sake of my occupied nation. I was told by the Turkish authorities at the airport that "the decision not to allow me to enter Turkey was from Bakanlik (Turkish Parliament)  because of the Chinese pressure on Ankara.

Yet, I have heard from my friend Abdulqadir Yapchan, one of our East Turkistani freedom fighters and well known public figures who has been living in Istanbul for more than 12 years last month that his application for asylum along with his application for work authorization or residency was repeatedly denied both by Ankara and United Nations because of his activism against China. Then who is left for us to turn for help? Unfortunately no body, except very few people around the world who not only care about the Muslims but all humanity regardless of their ethnicities, nationalities, political status.  

Therefore, we call all of our citizens in East Turkistan and abroad to take action at any cost and by any means to defend ourselves from those inhumane acts committed by Communist China and its supporters. We do not have anybody at any place of the world to turn for help except Allah (SWT) -- God. But we should always remember that there is nothing Allah (SWT) can do for us unless we blame nobody but ourselves for all types of wrong doings and take action to fix them.
Anwar Yusuf Turani, Prime Minister of East Turkistan Government-In-Exile