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About Anwar Yusuf Turani

Anwar Yusuf Turani was born in 1962 in a labor camp in Artush, near East Turkistanís border with Afghanistan. His parents were condemned as Turkic nationalist, separatists, counter-revolutionaries, and bourgeois capitalists by Communist China.

All of his family members including his brothers and sisters stayed in the camp under "the dictatorship of the proletariat" until 1978, when they were released, and suffered from the atrocities committed by the Communist Chinese regime.

When he was a child his parents were forced to dress him in Chinese cloths and to carry Chairman Mao's Red Book with him and wear Mao's stickers and bottoms. When he was in high school Mr. Turani was accused of not wearing a Mao bottoms and the Red Guards beat him, breaking his nose and his collarbone.

In the camp his family was constantly tortured, forced to do the harsh physical labor, publicly criticized and insulted by the regime under the leadership of Chairman Mao. Mr. Turani finished his elementary and secondary education in the camp.

In 1978, Dengxio-ping, the successor of Chairman Mao, introduced both political and economic reform throughout China. Seizing this golden opportunity, he studied physics (1978-1983) at the Kashgar Teacherís College in Kashgar, not far from home.

Upon his graduation, Mr. Turaniís relatives, who had escaped before the communist takeover, invited his parents and him to visit them in Saudi Arabia.

Seizing the opportunity, Mr. Turani spent several years in the Middle East, primarily in Turkey, seeking a way for the independence of his homeland, East Turkistan. However, 1987, barely one year after his return to East Turkistan, his political views and activities forced him to choose between arrest and exile, and he chose to leave his homeland for abroad.

First, Mr. Turani went to Turkey as a tourist, and stayed there a year until he came to the United States as an ESL student in 1988. From 1988 to 1995, he studied English, International Relations and International Law at San Francisco State University and Indiana University at Bloomington. Mr. Yusuf is a talented educator. He teaches physics.

Mr. Turani conducted extensive research on the politics and history of his homeland. He has written and published several books and papers about East Turkistan, such as "Free East Turkistan: the History, Geography, Political Situation, and the Future of East Turkistan", "Jadidism in East Turkistan: The Muslim-Turk Challenge to Chinese Authority in East Turkistan: 1850 -- 1950", and "China's Destruction of the Environment of the Indigenous People of East Turkistan and Proposals to Resolve the Noble Cause."

From 1995 to present, Mr. Turani established and directed a professional organization, East Turkistan National Freedom Center to educate the American public on the history, culture, and current political situation of the Uyghur people in East Turkistan.

Mr. Turani wrote newsletters, press releases, and letters that generated news coverage and national and international publicity on the plight of the Uyghur people in East Turkistan. In addition, he briefed State Department officials, members of the Congress, national and international dignitaries, and various organizations and media outlets, providing them with accurate and timely information about Chinaís human rights violations including the Chinese occupation of his homeland, and the Chinese repression in East Turkistan.

As a talented master musician and singer, Mr. Turani has educated the American public about the culture of his nation by giving many performances in the U.S.

Mr. Turani set up the East Turkistan Government in Exile on September 14, 2004. Now, he is the Prime Minister of the government. Mr. Turani is married and has four children.

Mr. Turani meets with His Holiness Dalai Lama, in Bloomington, Indiana, April, 1996.
Mr. Turani is giving a press conference about East Turkistan Government in Exile at National Press Club in Washington, D.C., November 22, 2004.
Graduation Day. Kashgar Teacher's Collge, July 5, 1983. 
From right: Mr. Turani is sixth from back row.
Left: Mr. Turani is with his uncle, Mohammad Qurban,  Istanbul, Turkey, August, 1983.
Mr. Qurban left East Turkistan for Mekkah with his mother Tajikhan, 1948.
Mr. Turani is in Mekkah, Saudi Arabia, 1983
Mr. Turani address the situation of East Turkistan in front of the  United Nations, New York City, 1997
Mr. Turani cuts out a star which represents his homeland on the Chinese flag as a symbolic gesture of yearning freedom and independence
Mr. Turani is in Taipe, Taiwan to meet with Chen Shui-bian, the mayor of Taipe City, February, 1998. Later, Chen shui-bian became the President of Taiwan.
Mr. Turani is with media in front of the Chinese Embassy in Los Angeles in 1997.
Mr. Turani meets with the U.S. President Clinton in Washington, June 4, 1998. From left: Presindent Clinton, Mr. Turani, and Congressman Nick Rahall.
Sharwanixan Qurban,Mr. Turani's Mother
Yusuf Hasan, Mr. Turani's Father
The announcement of the government in exile of East Turkistan Republic in Washington, D.C., September 14, 2004.
Mr. Turani and his family member